Nintendo Blocks Certain YouTube Live Streams After PewDiePie Controversy

Just when you thought the controversy regarding YouTube and Nintendo was over, it pops back up again. Previously, there were issues when YouTuber’s would attempt to monetize their Nintendo-themed videos on the popular video uploading service.

Though that has been mostly dealt with through the creation of the Nintendo Creators Program, a service that allows various Internet personalities on YouTube to be allowed to monetize their videos as long as they meet the specific guidelines that must be followed.

Unfortunately, a new restriction has begun for those involved in the Creators Program. According to IGN, all members of the program are now forbidden from livestreaming Nintendo games through YouTube, which is unfortunate considering the rapidly approaching launch of Super Mario Odyssey. This is most likely in direct response to the recent controversy regarding certain famous influencers like PewDiePie.

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As we’ve previously covered, the famous YouTuber was recently under fire from all corners of the video game industry due to his string of livestreams in which he either used a racial term or almost did. Though he was streaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Nintendo is no doubt covering its tracks in case of future problems.


This might be a frustrating development for any YouTuber’s that don’t plan on burning bridges anytime soon, but still want to livestream and have their videos monetized in the process. Thankfully, Nintendo has given some minor solutions to any such cases.

Firstly, anyone affected by this can simply create a second YouTube account that is unaffiliated with Nintendo for the sole purpose of livestreaming. This will circumvent the new restrictions. The other solution is actually removing themselves from the Creators Program entirely.

Doing so will remove the livestreaming restrictions on their account. This doesn’t completely prevent a YouTuber from monetizing their videos, but they will then have to manually request Nintendo’s approval for each individual video they publish. If you want more info on the Nintendo Creators Program, you can find it here.