ResetEra is a Brand New Forum Made By NeoGAF’s Moderators and Community

ResetEra is a brand new forum set to be launched by the NeoGAF’s moderators and community, following a mass exodus from the site as a result of sexual harassment accusations leveled at its creator.

The site is being created by NeoGAF’s official Discord community, with it already securing web hosting duties and reportedly set for launch later today. It will feature familiar faces from the troubled gaming forum’s moderation staff, along with various members of the site’s community. There’s no word yet on what time it’s expected to launch, though it already has its official Twitter account, which posted the following tweet earlier today:

Many former NeoGAF community members and long-term moderators stepped down from the site after last week’s allegations, which saw Tyler “Evilore” Malka accused of sexual harassment. Following these allegations NeoGAF went offline for “scheduled maintenance,” though the site continues to display a 502 Gateway Error to those who try to access it.

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While NeoGAF has received its fair share of criticisms over the years, with detractors of the site condemning it for the frequent witch hunts staged by its community along with the behavior of some of its more divisive moderators, it has been a huge part of online gaming culture. With many developers actively using the site and a number of insiders using it to post leaked information, it became a source for breaking news and a hotbed of gaming-related discussion, so many will be pleased to hear that its community are actively looking to create a new forum out of its ashes.

Opinion: It was inevitable that NeoGAF’s downfall would lead to the creation of a new major gaming forum, so hopefully those in charge of ResetEra will learn from the mistakes made by its predecessor, curb its toxicity and make a more welcoming and inclusive place for people to discuss video games. It remains to be seen whether or not ResetEra will have the staying power to become as popular a NeoGAF, but I’m looking forward to seeing what its band of creators do with it.