Twitch Poker Pro Who Was Told to Quit Playing by Troll Wins $55,000 Hours Later

A Twitch poker player who was told told by a troll to quit playing as he was getting “too old” for the game won $55,000 mere hours later, capturing his victory on live stream.

Professional poker player and Twitch personality Lex Veldhuis read out a comment left by a “toxic” troll in one of his streams, who told the streamer: “Lex quit poker, you don’t got it in your anymore. You’re life’s with your girl now, you’re too old for this, you don’t got the fire in you anymore.”

Lex responded by telling the viewer “if you’re advising someone to quit, you don’t get it dude,” adding: “People like you make me weaker just by being around.”

Watch the moment below:

Despite clearly being shaken by the viewer’s harsh comments, on the very same night Lex went on to win a staggering $55,000 in a knockout tournament, besting a series of opponents before hitting the jackpot and recording the whole thing on stream.

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Watch his jubilant victory below:

Prior to winning the tournament on Twitch, Lex was confident about his chances, tweeting that he was “thankful for winning” the competition prior to taking part in it:

It seems that the troll’s comments inspired Lex to up his game and march on to victory, concluding his losing streak and taking home a big pot in the process.