Rampant Call of Duty WW2 Ranked Play Issues are Frustrating Players

Call of Duty WW2 ranked play is out today on Xbox One, PS4, and PC for any players itching to get as high as possible on the leaderboard. Unfortunately, with its release comes a slew of issues that are plaguing the long-awaited mode. These issues are causing frustration for many players that have waited for this mode since the game’s initial release nearly a month ago.

The official Call of Duty WW2 Reddit and forums are filled with complaints about numerous, sometimes unrelated, issues with ranked play. One of the more common ones is that some gamers aren’t able to connect a ranked match at all, receiving error codes like 4220 frequently. It is far from the only technical problem, though.

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There are bugs that have even robbed some players of wins, according to users like PureZ66. In their first ranked play match in Call of Duty WW2, they clearly won it but “it counted as a loss” after finishing the game. Other players are complaining not about bugs or technical issues, but the overall design of ranked play.

Call of Duty WW2 Ranked Play War Intro

At this time, COD WW2 ranked play won’t allow players to queue up with friends as a team; requiring you to do it solo only. This forces them to play with randomly matched strangers, which brings its own set of issues. There are several threads of players frustrated with teammates constantly leaving the matches they’re in, usually resulting in a loss due to no replacements allowed.

In fact, Reddit user CommanderAndChief claims that in 10 total ranked matches, eight of them had teammates leave, including matches where their team was winning. These still aren’t the only issues with ranked play, as some are claiming problems with rank appearance, major server lag, and frustration with the lack of XP in the mode when it was previously available in other COD ranked play.