Super Mario 64 Hidden Easter Egg Discovered More Than 20 Years Later

Put down your Switches and Odyssey, as we have a new Easter egg that has been discovered by internet sleuths, and not for that new Mario game you’ve all been playing. Instead, internet detectives have discovered a Super Mario 64 Easter egg more than 20 years after the game first released as a launch title for the Nintendo 64.

What’s even more surprising is that the Easter egg has been right there in front of our noses on the very first level of Super Mario 64 for decades. It involves the classic first boss fight with King Bob-omb. After climbing up the open level slowly, you arrive at the peak and are faced with the huge bomb king. Upon defeating him using your bizarre superhuman strength, he dissipates.

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Or, so we all thought. It seems that King Bob-omb gets dethroned and lives out the rest of his life as a poor mindless rolling ball in the pit on the first level. As seen in the picture below, it seems that the punishment for his evil ways is spending eternity in (great) level design hell.

Super Mario 64 Easter Egg

After defeating King Bob-omb in Super Mario 64, you can confirm his fate by speaking with one of the red bomb people at the start of the level. They thank you, telling you that the “Big Bob-omb is nothing but a big dud now!” In the pit you encounter while climbing the mountain, you will find the “big dud” just rolling around with the other two balls that were there already.

What’s even more disturbing is that the little bomb mentions that the “battle for the castle has just begun.” Watch out, Princess Peach. It’s crazy to think that we’re still discovering more secrets about Super Mario 64 more than 20 years after its release. Check back in 20 years to see if the same can be said for its recently released spiritual successor Super Mario Odyssey.

Credit: Reddit user Chad_J_Thundercock and Dorkly.