Reddit Reunites Man With Lost Nintendo Switch

In a happy way to kick off 2018, a man was reunited with his lost Nintendo Switch through the surprising power of Reddit. Four days ago, a thread popped up on the popular social site, in which a man detailed his story of losing his precious (and expensive) console during his holiday travels.

In his original thread on Reddit, Juan (or Pizzaboxmonster) explained his circumstances. On a bus between gates at the Frankfurt International Airport, his Switch had slipped out of his bag. He didn’t realize it was even missing until he arrived at his plane headed for Madrid, Spain. He then sat on the three hour flight, panicking and thinking nothing but of his lost games and save files.

Upon arriving in Madrid, he decided to post the original Reddit thread. In it, he notes that this has a “0.000001%” chance of working. Upon posting it, he received an almost immediate reply linking him to another thread by user itchybun. The poster’s friend discovered Juan’s lost Nintendo Switch aboard the transit bus at the Frankfurt airport.

Nintendo Switch

Through the power of Reddit, the two exchanged messages and were able to confirm it is indeed Juan’s Switch. According to Kotaku, Reddit user itchybun bombarded Juan with various questions in order to confirm 100% that it was his console; questions like the username, friends’ names, the Joy-Con’s colors, known wifi names, what cartridge was left in the Switch, and the last played game.

Juan answered all of them perfectly, and will be meeting up with itchybun to retrieve his lost Nintendo Switch system and games very soon. After successfully meeting up with the finder of his Switch despite his “0.000001%” chances, Juan updated his original thread on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, saying this:

“Today I love this community even more and especially that great user and person who decided that finding the owner would be more fun than just keeping it.”