Call of Duty Swatting Victim’s Mother Demands to See Her Son

The mother of the victim of the Call of Duty swatting incident has written a letter to police in Wichita, asking to see the body of her late son.

Andrew Finch was shot and killed by a police officer in Kansas after a false emergency call was made to his home. The call reportedly stemmed from a dispute over a Call of Duty match, with known swatter Tyler Barriss (25) allegedly making a phone call in which he claimed that hostages were being held by gunpoint in Finch’s home.

Barriss is said to have been given the wrong address, with him intending to target a Call of Duty player who had been involved in a disagreement over a $1.50 wager match. Barriss was given the wrong address, with reports claiming that he then directed police to Finch’s home. Finch was killed shortly after police arrived on the scene.

Lisa Finch has known written a letter to Wichita mayor and police chief in which she stated that she didn’t know where authorities were keeping her son’s body, and that she wanted to know in order to give him “a proper funeral service and burial.”

In a letter quoted by WTKR, she wondered “why Wichita City leadership is compounding our grief and sorrow, by keeping my son from us?”

“Please let me see my son’s lifeless body,” she continued. “I want to hold him and say goodbye. Please immediately return his body to us.”

The Kansas police are currently holding an investigation into Andrew’s death, though Lisa is distressed by the police’s handling of the situation. “When will our family be allowed to see Andy?” she wrote.