Call of Duty WW2 Operation Liberty Strike Announced

If you think you’ve gotten tired of Call of Duty WW2 just yet, then think again because the new event Operation Liberty Strike has just got announced and it’s looking like it’s going to be an event to remember. Not only will players have the chance to get their hands on four new weapons, but there will a return of favorite modes, a new Community challenge and much more. Even better, you’re able to see all this new content in the intense, action-packed trailer that you can watch below.

The two returning modes that have been confirmed to return are One Shot and Hardcore Ricochet. In a mode like One Shot, snipers reign supreme with a Kar98k Sniper Rifle and a reduced amount of health that leaves all players vulnerable. On the other hand, Hardcore Ricochet seems to be a game mode that resembles Marmite, players either love it or hate it. This game mode is basically like any other, but with Hardcore rules enabled, however, Ricochet is enabled to defer team killing.

What’s more, these four new weapons included in the Operation Liberty Strike event will be sure to please even the hardiest of players. The weapons included are:

  • ZK-383: A submachine gun that comes with a built-in selective fire feature, allowing a seamless transition from its short-range “Fast Fire” mode and longer-distance “Slow Fire” mode with a press of a button.
  • AVS-36: Rifle features automatic fire as well as a high damage output and solid fire rate.
  • De Lisle: A sniper rifle with a built-in suppressor.
  • Push Dagger: A knife that’s small in size, but big in lethality with a guaranteed one-hit-kill on any successful strike.

Operation Liberty Strike

And you’ll most certainly want these weapons, especially as that may mean completing the Community Challenge in style. Players will have to earn 260 million total match wins in MP across the community to unlock new rewards, including the American II M1911 Variant at Tier 3 and the Independent II M1 Grand Variant at Tier 5. Now that’s what we call teamwork.

Of course, this whole event wouldn’t be complete without a few new cosmetic accessories. For example, with the return of the Quartermaster Captain Butcher, players will also get the opportunity to try all new country-themed gear including weapon charms, uniforms as well as camos for many of the countries around the world.

Though don’t feel left out zombie fans, you too will get your cake and eat it. A set of new Zombie uniforms will be able to be used in multiplayer, however, to get them players must complete challenges and daily orders in the Zombie mode.

On that note, get stuck into this new event Call of Duty fans, Operation Liberty Strike awaits and will only be around until July 24th.