A New Nintendo Direct Could Take Place This Week

A new Nintendo Direct could take place this week, with some apparent insider information pointing towards Nintendo holding an additional presentation on Thursday following last week’s Nintendo Direct Mini.

Initially, the rumors sprouted from an alleged inside source on the forum ResetEra. The user, who goes by the name Chrom on the site, wrote:

“Yes, I’ve been hearing for a while that another Nintendo Direct is in fact happening later this week, but the new Fire Emblem apparently won’t be featured there either. I know nothing of its exact contents, but I’ve learned that it won’t be the one to reveal Fire Emblem. It sounds like another small Nintendo Direct from my understanding, no idea how they’ll announce it. A more feature-length Nintendo Direct is supposedly planned for sometime in February, and, in my opinion, that’s probably when we may see Fire Emblem after all. Here’s hoping, I’m really excited for it. At this point I’m not thinking there’ll be another Fire Emblem Direct though, sadly.”

On top of Chrom’s claims, a Ubisoft developer today tweeted about an upcoming Nintendo announcement, which will reportedly take place “in some days.” The developer didn’t elaborate upon further details, though this has led many to speculate that Nintendo could have something up its sleeve.

Nintendo uploaded the Nintendo Direct Mini presentation to YouTube with little fanfare last Thursday, so the company could well pull a similar tactic this week. We’ll have to wait and see whether or not these rumors are true.