Secret of Mana Remake Could Be Heading to Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch owners, rejoice! Square Enix has heard the cries of fans across the world for the Secret of Mana remake to come to the console, and is considering a port in the future. This was revealed recently during an interview with the game’s producer, Masaru Oyamada, regarding its upcoming release on PS4, Vita, and PC.

During Producer Masaru Oyamada’s interview with USGamer, the lack of a Nintendo Switch version of Secret of Mana was brought up. The reason behind this was simple: development on the remake began around two years ago, back before the console had even been officially announced.

Despite not being planned originally for Switch, Secret of Mana could still head to the platform after the launch of the other versions next month. Square Enix has heard the desires of fans everywhere, as noted by Oyamada. He stated that he was “very surprised to see the amount of demand and feedback” for a potential Switch port.

Secret of Mana Switch

“So, the voices are heard, we’re aware that people are desiring a Switch version, and we will make an effort to see what is feasible in the future, though nothing is confirmed or planned.”

Until confirmation is given for Secret of Mana remake on Switch, there is a Mana collection that owners of the console can play right now. Being that the console is region-free and it is rather easy to switch to a Japanese profile, fans can download the Seiken Densetsu Collection and play the first three games in the series.

Oyamada also acknowledged in the interview the demand for an English localization of the Seiken Densetsu Collection, which includes the third game in the series that was never localized here. He notes that the Mana team is still deep in the development cycle for the Secret of Mana remake so there is no guarantee, but a localization is something the developer hopes to achieve.