Destiny 2 Development Roadmap Points to DLC Release Date

Bungie had laid out its future plans during a Destiny 2 Development Roadmap, with season 3 heralding a release its new DLC expansion.

Bungie posted the graphic on its official site. In it, the Destiny 2 Development Roadmap details updates 1.12, 1.13, 1.14 and, crucially 1.20 – aka Destiny 2’s season 3.

While the majority of the listed features are fixes and patches, there are a few key takeaways that spell out what we can expect within the next three months of Destiny 2. Nightfall Strike Rewards are scheduled to drop February 27 (though they have a possibility of arriving at a later date). A new Cubicle Playlists, featuring Mayhem, and Iron Banner 6 v 6 arrives a month later on March 27.

The piece de la resistance drops, however, in May. Under the umbrella of season 3, the changes and additions include private matches, increased vault space, seasonal Crucible rankings and an Eater of Worlds Prestige Mode.

destiny 2 development roadmap

That all ties in nicely with the second Destiny 2 DLC expansion. Rumoured to be titled Gods of Mars, leaked screenshots over on Imgur got tongues wagging, but nothing was confirmed by Bungie themselves… until today.

Bungie Game Director Christopher Barrett took to Twitter to confirm that the second expansion (though currently without a confirmed name, even if Gods of Mars sounds pretty darn cool) will arrive alongside all other Destiny 2 season 3 content in May. He also states that the DLC release window “wasn’t entirely clear” from the Development Roadmap, which is why he rubber-stamped it via social media.

So, the next few months are gearing up to be a crucial point in Destiny 2’s life-cycle. Bungie is promising several much-requested changes coupled with a bevy of new content and the second DLC pack.

Get your blasters ready, Hunters (no other class counts, don’t @ me), we’re about going Cabal hunting again.