PS4 5.50 Features Leaked, Includes System-Wide Supersampling

The PS4 5.50 update is now available for lucky closed beta testers to try. The private trial is supposed to allow Sony to get valuable feedback, before rolling out new features for the entire population. However, some naughty testers have decided to leak images of upcoming features, giving us a taste of what PS4 5.50 is bringing to the system.

First, we have “system-wide supersampling,” which can “improve the image quality of some games on a TV with 2K resolution or lower.” Now, it’s not clear whether this means 1440p monitors will be supported, like with the Xbox One, or whether it will just be 1080p screens. We’ll have to wait for further clarification, as “2K” can mean multiple things.

ps4 5.50

Like the PS4 Pro’s “Boost Mode,” this function can be a little inconsistent, and some games may not see improved image quality. It’s also possible that the frame-rate will change. Clearly this is going to need some trial and error to see what works, and what doesn’t!

If you’ve made some embarrassing PS Store purchases, or you’re getting sick of the long list of notifications, PS4 5.50 will let you remove both! Assuming nothing changes before the full launch, players will be able to hide purchases and delete notifications.

ps4 5.50

It’s worth saying that, as these features are being tested and Sony has yet to make any official confirmation that they’ll be in the PS4 5.50 update, it’s possible that they won’t be included in the full release. Bear that in mind, and join me in some cautious optimism!

I really like the sound of the system-wide supersampling, especially if that means my 1440p will finally get the support it deserves!

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