D.Va’s Mech from Overwatch Rips into Demons in Doom Mod Called OverDOOM

What happens when D.Va’s mech from Overwatch gets thrust into the demon-filled world of Doom? If you’re one of the handfuls of people who has asked this question, you’ll get your answer in the form of this Doom mod from MyNameIs. A good D.Va player can be a menace in Overwatch, but it seems like MEKA is even more devastating in the hands of Doomguy.

So how does D.Va’s mech work in the world of Doom? As you can see from the video it’s like having two automatic shotguns strapped to a platform that can also jetpack around levels at incredible speed. Needless to say, the mod isn’t balanced for regular gameplay, but it’s super fun to spawn and rip through levels of demons with ease.

The name of the mod is OverDOOM, and it’s other weapons are included besides just D.Va’s MEKA (though that one is the coolest). OverDOOM includes Hanzo’s bow, Genji’s shuriken, Pharah’s rocket launcher, Sombra’s SMG, Ana’s sniper rifle, and Widowmaker’s widow’s kiss. It’s pretty impressive to see such a faithful adaptation of MEKA into sprite form, and it even has its own detonation sequence when it runs out of health, and the rest of the weapons are pretty cool too.

How to Install OverDOOM and Use D.Va’s MEKA from Overwatch

To install the mod, you can’t just use any ole version of Doom, unfortunately. You’ll need to get a download of GZDoom, a modern adaptation of the Doom engine that makes the game perform and render a lot better on modern engines.

You’ll also want to grab an IWAD file so you can actually play the game. Any version of a Doom engine game will include this file. Steam or GOG are two good legal sources you can purchase one, and you can check this page to see which games can be used. If you’re cheap, you can even use a shareware version of Doom or Heretic, or a demo of Hexen or Strife to try out MEKA.

You’ll also want to grab DoomLauncher so you can load up OverDOOM. It’s a kind of complicated process, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to play this and the thousands of other Doom maps and mods out there.