Overwatch Busan Map and New D.Va Animated Short Revealed

The new Overwatch Busan map has been revealed, alongside Blizzard’s new D.Va animated short. The content was revealed during the Korean Overwatch Fan Festival, with the brand new control map set in South Korea’s real-life port city. Additionally, the new Overwatch animated short offers players a closer look at fan-favorite tank D.Va, introducing her childhood friend and some new Omnics.

The Busan map is undoubtedly the most exciting announcement of the two, with it split into three locales: Sanctuary, Downtown, and D.Va’s own MEKA Base. Busan looks to have the most diverse trio of locations in a single map thus far, with players being transported through an ancient temple, a karaoke bar, a light rail station (complete with a functioning train) and the MEKA squad’s base.

As shown in the animated short, D.Va is struggling against an attack from the Gwishin Omnics, with the map based around this confrontation. “Teams must fight to hold each of the three stages to establish complete control of the city that refuses to surrender its way of life to any threat,” the map’s description reads.

Check it out in the video below:

The new Overwatch D.Va animated short doesn’t really do much to advance the overall Overwatch story, though it does offer us a little more insight into her personality and her relationship with her childhood best friend. It also offers us our first look at the Gwishin Omnics, who will presumably make their way into the game in some capacity in the future.

The new short has been criticized by some Overwatch players for not adding more to the game’s lore, with Blizzard continuing to drip-feed its story to its fans with each new batch of downloadable content. Still, D.Va is one of Overwatch‘s most beloved characters, so it’s nice to see her getting her own animated short.

Check it out below:

There’s no confirmed release date for the Busan map, though as per usual expect to see it pop up on the PC PTR servers before it makes its way into the full game.