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More Overwatch LEGO Sets Have Been Leaked

After a brief tease with a miniature version of Bastion, more Overwatch LEGO sets have finally been unofficially unveiled. These sets include small recreations of a few of the maps as well as some larger structures and non-minifigure versions of a few heroes. The prices range from $14.99 to $89.99 and are said to hit store shelves in January 2019. However, despite the convincing pictures, neither LEGO nor Blizzard have acknowledged these leaks.

These leaks were found by YouTuber Ninja Whip and then others discovered them on Target’s official website. Some of the Overwatch LEGO sets even lay out a handful of key moments in the Overwatch lore like that time Widowmaker wasn’t on the payload. You can check them out in the gallery below.

The Tracer and Widowmaker set is the smallest and cheapest. It’s 129 pieces and features both Damage heroes fighting over the payload on Watchpoint: Gibralter. The leak indicates that it will be $14.99.

Genji and Hanzo have a similar setup on the second capture point on the map Hanamura. It looks to be lightly recreating the scene from the related “Dragons” animated short and features the two brothers as and one of the guards from said short. According to the leak, this LEGO set will be 197 pieces and $19.99.

Reaper, McCree, and Soldier 76 all join together on the payload for Dorado. The set has a small bit of the map along with it, which explains its $29.99 price point and 419 pieces.

Similar to the Bastion set on Blizzard’s store, D.Va and Reinhardt will also be getting their own buildable structures instead of minifigures. The Tank duo come together in a 455-piece set for $39.99.

Speaking of tanks, the tank Bastion is getting another LEGO set. It’s a lot bigger than the other Bastion set, as it’s 602 pieces and $49.99. This vanilla one can sit next to your smaller 182-piece Omnic Crisis Bastion.

The final Overwatch LEGO set in this wave is the most expensive and expansive. The set includes the spaceship from the end of the Watchpoint: Gibralter map with Pharah, Mercy, Reaper, and Winston. This 730-piece set is $89.99.

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