Pokemon Go 0.91.1 Update to Include In-Game Quests and Shiny Filters

The Pokemon Go 0.91.1 update is sure to warm the hearts (and phones) of budding Pokemon Masters everywhere. In-game quests are the order of the day, as well as a few nifty shortcuts and additions to help you on your way to be the very best, like no one ever was..

The v091.1 update, which is due to launch imminently, comes packed with more goodies than you can shake a Sudowoodo at. IPhone users, fret not, your identical 1.61.1 update will launch at around the same time.

Niantic has already confirmed the presence of Shiny filters and bug fixes in their Pokemon Go 0.91.1 update blog post (just hit them with a few Flying-type moves, guys, come on) but there’s a lot more content bubbling under the surface.

The enormously talented team at Silph Road have mined through scores of code over on Reddit and have unearthed previously Unown (sorry, unknown) features.

The feature that will grab all of the headlines – hey, including this one! – is invariably the inclusion of in-game quests. They appear to be multi-layered, with various steps being described. Quests will not only be ‘multi-part’ in some cases (the other quest types are listed as both story and challenge quests, for what it’s worth), but also feature quest characters. Professor Willow will have the honour of being Pokemon Go’s first in-game quest character.

Away from the big news, comes smaller, more immediately useful improvements. Players will now be able to search for all of the Shiny Pokemon contained in their Pokedex at the click of a button. Also, for those who miss the daily slog of work emails, will be pleased to know that the News section is undergoing an overhaul, prioritizing unread mail.

All credit must go to Niantic. Pokemon Go, previously having grown as stale as a week-old Metapod, is emerging from its slumber, like a Butterfree eager to show the world that there’s still life flapping in those wings.

The full list of (unconfirmed) v091.1 features can be found here.