Destiny 2 Forums Now Block Non-Players From Contributing

Bungie has implemented a few rule changes when it comes to the Destiny 2 forums. Following a flood of spam and negative comments, only users who possess a Destiny account will be able to post on the main forums. These accounts have to be linked to a version of the game, meaning users will be very limited in the number of accounts that they can create, therefore stopping the majority of spam.

Community Manager dmg04 announced the changes, and provided an explanation on the various requirements for the different forums:

  • Destiny2, Feedback, Gaming, and OffTopic: Players must have reached the Farm in Destiny 2
  • Destiny, Clans, Recruitment, Community: Must have a Destiny account
  • Help: No game requirements necessary

destiny 2 forums

Dmg04 also explained that Bungie isn’t attempting to censor valid feedback, and any actual players are welcome to voice their opinions:

“We are open to any and all feedback concerning Destiny and Destiny 2, but players who wish to contribute to the conversation will be required to have spent time in the game. Players who do not meet specified requirements will not be able to post or interact with threads on the forums in question. If threads are posted in the wrong forums in an attempt to circumvent these requirements, accounts will be subject to moderation by the Ninjas.”

Following the “Remove Eververse” spam that plagued the Destiny 2 forums over the holidays, I can understand why these measures are now being taken. Removing any non-constructive comments also makes way for more valuable feedback from actual players. Hopefully, this helps lead to a better Destiny 2 experience!