Kingdom Come Deliverance Day One Patch Weighs in at 23GB

Kingdom Come Deliverance is going to have a massive day one patch worth a whopping 23 GB. That will bring the total size of the game to around 46 gigabytes, which will be double the initial install size.

The patch notes listed several notable improvements to Kingdom Come Deliverance, the first of which is adding multiple new events to the open world. Dialogue animations are given huge improvements, and money and experience gaining, as well as weapon and armor stats, have also been rebalanced. General combat and NPC reaction times have been improved.

Additionally, sound propagation has been adjusted and archery is stated to be “possible” now in stealth mode. Last but not least, the 1.01 patch has improved persuasion user interface, alongside several other bug fixes and improvements.

The game takes place in the medieval times of Bohemia, an Imperial State of the Holy Roman Empire. Players will assume the role of protagonist Henry, the son of a blacksmith, where they will fight against the invasion of their homeland. The game focuses on being a historically accurate depiction of its era, with realistic sword-fighting and castle sieges. Players can choose to overcome their problems with diplomacy or violence, which will affect the story and world around them.

Players will be required to eat and sleep to stay healthy. The difficulty increases when food supplies get spoiled over time, so players cannot horde items like in other RPGs. Armor and equipment will degrade and require repairs. The clothing system is quite complex too, as there over sixteen slots over which accessories and wearable items can be layered. Horses also level up throughout the game and will have five slots for armor or other attachments.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is an upcoming action RPG game developed by Warhorse Studios and published by Deep Silver for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It will be released worldwide on February 13, 2018.