Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition New DLC Update Sees Blanka Power His Way into Battle

One of Street Fighter’s most iconic characters, Blanka, is headed to Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition as paid DLC this month.

As revealed in a post by Capcom employee Andy Wong, Blanka is ready to put his lightning-quick reflexes to the test against the best Street Fighter 5 has to offer when he hits PlayStation 4 and PC on February 20.

While the Arcade Edition comes chockful with content, you’ll be forking over either real-life or virtual currency to get your hands on the green-skinned competitor. Blanka will set you back $5.99 or 100,000 Fight Money.

However, if you’ve already purchased the Season 3 Character Pass (which also comes with series veterans Sagat and Cody, alongside Sakura, G and Falke) then Blanka will be ready for you to get to grips with on release day.

The decision to buy Blanka through the Season 3 Character Pass or with real money will give you the ability to put Blanka in his Battle Costume, complete with 8 additional colours. Everyone who purchases Blanka will also get access to his goofy Story Costume and his Nostalgia look.

Not content with just revealing the info, Capcom has given players a chance to see Blanka in action with a pulsating trailer that’s certain to send a jolt through your spine.

See it for yourself below and, while you’re passing the time, try and get your head around this premise for Blanka’s Street Fighter 5 story mode: “In SFV: AE, Blanka is living peacefully with his mother, and has adapted well to being introduced back into society. One day, a suspicious salesman approaches him and offers a way to make Blanka famous by mass producing a doll made in Blanka’s likeness. Will it work? Find out in his character story mode!”