Call of Duty Player Reaches Master Prestige Rank Without a Single Bullet

A Call of Duty WW2 player has managed to become the first player ever to reach the highest rank available in the game without firing a shot. The task of simply entering Prestige mode in Call of Duty WW2 is extremely difficult. Players need to achieve 55 levels in multiplayer to do so. Next, they can start from the beginning to Prestige Mode for the second time and so on and so forth until they finally reach the eleventh and final rank of Master Prestige. They can keep grinding for experience points to reach level 1000 but the Master Prestige rank is still the final achievable rank possible.

A YouTuber has somehow done the impossible feat of not using guns in a first-person shooter game. “TheseKnivesOnly” is a member of the professional gaming organization KARNAGE clan and has challenged himself to repeat that impossible feat for every Call of Duty game since the first Black Ops way back in 2010.

Speaking to Kotaku via email, TheseKnivesOnly stated that he was inspired to start exclusively using knives due to a Search and Destroy match on WMD, where he witnessed a random player committing an epic kill on an enemy using only a tomahawk. He finally completed his grueling challenge on February 2, 2018, effectively becoming the first player in the world to do so in Call of Duty WW2.

He managed to accrue over 32,000 kills using the Infantry Division’s bayonet charge, shovel, ice pick, throwing knives, and combat knives. As if that’s not impressive enough, he did not use any lethal scorestreaks, with the exception of Recon Aircraft and Counter Recon Aircraft scorestreaks.

Additionally, he adds his favorite Call of Duty title for using knives was Black Ops 2. Last but not least, TheseKnivesOnly stated that he has always set the same goal of hitting the max rank for every Call of Duty installment and he will be doing the same for Call of Duty WW2. He expects great things from Call of Duty 2018, as he says that he is a Treyarch fanboy and he loved every Black Ops iteration developed by them.