Overwatch Lucio CTF Nerf Incoming, Blizzard Fixing Him “Very Soon”

Overwatch‘s revamped Capture the Flag mode can be an absolute blast, so long as you don’t go up against a team of Lucios. With his insane movement speed, combined with his ability to wall ride, Lucio is too powerful for CTF.

Fortunately, Blizzard has recognized the Overwatch Lucio CTF problem, and is looking to patch him “very soon.” The upcoming nerf will force Lucio to drop the flag whenever he wall rides. This should force him to take a longer route back to base, giving enemies a better chance at taking him out.

Blizzard Game Director Jeff Kaplan has said that “the patch will mostly like hit Tuesday (today) on PC, and Wednesday/Thursday for console.” The PS4 and Xbox One delay is due to the additional certification process.

Kaplan posted the following on the Battle.net forums:

“We’re patching Lúcio very soon.

He will drop the flag on wall ride.

Patch will most likely hit Tuesday (pacific time) on PC and Wednesday/Thurs (pacific) for Console (we have to get the patch through certification — that’s why there is a difference in release time — sorry).

Not only is his speed unreasonably fast with the boost from Wall Ride but he can also get to places that are very difficult to defend against.”

In a different thread, Kaplan also discussed potential changes to Mei and Symmetra:

“We disagree that Mei needs a major rework. We are trying some improvements to her but they are not major.

Symmetra will require more work to get into a better place and therefore take longer to address.”

Mei mains are safe for now, it seems!

H/T Reddit