Rainbow Six Siege Sequel Isn’t Happening, Ubisoft Confirms

Rainbow Six Siege will not receive a sequel. However, Ubisoft will support the game by releasing a total of 100 Operators over a span of ten years.

Speaking to IGN at the Rainbow Six Invitational 2018, brand director Alexandre Remy said that the developer envisions the game to reach 100 Operators. At the moment, Rainbow Six Siege has about 36 Operators, with 2018’s Year Three adding eight more in the near future.

He adds that the goal of 100 Operators in Rainbow Six Siege is a “testament of the longevity that we want to put in the game.” He then emphasizes that there is no sequel planned and that the developers will support the game for the next ten years. It’s been almost three years since Rainbow Six Siege launched in December 2015. Impressively, the player base has reached 27 million since then and it is still growing.

Ubisoft’s plans for Year Three were recently revealed, including the introduction of Operation Chimera and Outbreak. Operation Chimera will feature two new Operators from French and Russian counter-terrorism units, which will arrive with their own unique loadouts and special gadgets suited for a variety of tactical scenarios in a Rainbow Six Siege match. Outbreak is a free four-week event that begins on March 6th, where a team consisting of three Operators will traverse three vast maps with a choice of two difficulty settings, Normal and Pandemic.

Additionally, players will receive two new counter-terrorism unit Operators and a new map from Italy in Season 2 as well as two new Operators from the UK and the USA respectively, along with a reworked existing map in Season 3. Later this year, Season 4 will introduce two Operators from Morocco and a new Moroccan map.

Rainbow Six Siege is a tactical shooter game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. The game puts a heavy focus on environmental destruction and cooperation between players. It is available on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.