Metal Gear Survive Won’t Contain Loot Boxes, Konami Confirms

Konami has confirmed that Metal Gear Survive won’t contain loot boxes, with the game utilizing paid “boosters” and purchasable cosmetics instead.

Konami released a statement to GameRevolution confirming that loot boxes will not appear in the recently released game, offering a breakdown of the kind of microtransactions that they are focusing on. The breakdown of these microtransactions can be viewed below:

  • SV Coins are premium currency that can be purchased as MTX and earned via in-game bonuses (e.g. login bonus)
  • SV Coins are used to purchase in-game items such as cosmetics, boosters, etc.
  • Example of cosmetic items include: gestures, color/played weapons, accessories like masks, etc.
  • Boosters will help expedite resource gathering, such as the gathering of Kuban Energy
  • No loot boxes will be in-game

Metal Gear Survive loot boxes

While the lack of loot boxes will see Metal Gear Survive skirting around one of the more controversial gaming topics in recent history, the use of paid boosters in a retail release is still questionable. It remains to be seen how much the implementation of these boosters will affect Metal Gear Survive‘s multiplayer-focused gameplay.

Metal Gear Survive released yesterday, though its launch wasn’t without its problems. After the game went live, players found that they were unable to play it as a result of it failing to download a required update. Konami later fixed the issue, though the publisher was criticized for not acknowledging the issue on social media.