You Can Now Play Portal 2 Co-op with 32 Other Players

Ever thought Portal 2 was missing something? No, me neither. But, still, it’s nice to know you can now have fun with portals to your heart’s content with your buddies, thanks to a new multiplayer mod for the game.

While the add-on is in very early stages (as evidenced by this fledgling Reddit thread) you can download the Portal 2 multiplayer mod right now and give it a whirl.

Not only is it available to use within the game’s co-op stages, you’ll be able to tag along with GlaDOS, plus 32 others, and, theoretically, complete the entire campaign together. Having said that, the sheer possibilities of that many portals flying about hurts my brain. If my math is correct – and the mod creator’s is too – that’s 66 portals for the game to work through. That sounds… interesting?

The Portal 2 multiplayer mod is still in its very early stages and is prone to crashing – but could just as easily be planting seeds of success. Sure, it’s probably not going to be the next Fortnite, but it could certainly kill an afternoon or twelve. Just imagine everyone trying to speedrun through the game at once, whilst simultaneously sabotaging everyone’s run. Pure and utter chaos.

It’s got me thinking what else would be improved (or at least changed considerably) by putting the emphasis on multiplayer where, frankly, we shouldn’t be playing mod. The Witcher 3 would be hilarious as would, of course, something like Bayonetta. Heck, just add as many players to every game ever and you’re bound to improve on it in same way. Super Mario Odyssey? Add 15 more Marios, please. Yakuza 0? Yeah, we’re gonna need at least a dozen Kiryus and Majimas running around Kamurocho.

You can download the mod from its ModDB page.