Little Nightmares Switch Port Listed by Developer

Little Nightmares Switch port has been listed on the LinkedIn profile of a developer, suggesting that the creepy platformer will be making its way to Nintendo’s console.

The port was listed on Engine Software programmer Peter Maandag’s Linkedin page, with the developer writing: “Currently I’m working on porting Little Nightmares to Nintendo Switch, using Unreal Engine 4.”

little nightmares switch

Little Nightmares hasn’t been officially announced for the Switch, with it initially launching on PS4, Xbox One and PC to a positive critical and consumer reception in 2017. Tarsier Studios developed the game, though if the programmer’s LinkedIn profile is to be believed, then the studio is handing over port duties to Engine Software, a developer previously responsible for a Switch Monopoly game and the upcoming Rive: Ultimate Edition Switch port.

Little Nightmares was praised for its unique visual direction, with it being favorably compared to the likes of Limbo. The game sees players taking control of a young girl known as Six, who travels throughout the terrifying Maw during a ritual which sees a group of creatures descending on the vessel to partake in its unsettling feast.

The game was initially released back in April 2017, with there being no set date for its apparent Nintendo Switch launch.