Fortnite in Sports: Josh Hart Fortnite Shoes and Soccer Goal Celebration

Fortnite is so hot right now. Just about everyone seems to be playing it. And if they aren’t playing it, they’re talking about it, or watching YouTubers and streamers play it!

It’s not just us normal gamers enjoying Fortnite either, as the game has now been mentioned by sports personalities on Twitter, inspired a soccer goal celebration, and provided the artwork for a pair of custom Josh Hart Fortnite shoes.

We saw Fortnite dominate PUBG in this poll tweeted out by Houston Texans’ JJ Watt:

A German soccer team celebrated a goal by acting out a common Fortnite scene, which was shared on Reddit:

And LA Lakers’ Josh Hart received a custom pair of Fortnite basketball shoes from Kickstradomis:

I’m not sure how huge Epic Games’ marketing budget is, but I like to think that these nods to the game are inspired by actual enjoyment. I don’t see any disclaimers, so I’m going to assume that these players just love Fortnite!

So, I guess sports personalities are just like you and I, and share that hunger for battle royale gameplay!

I need to look into getting some of those shoes…