Metal Gear Survive Easter Egg Appears to Reference Kojima Productions

While Hideo Kojima and his development studio, Kojima Productions (KJP), are no longer involved with the Metal Gear franchise, that hasn’t prevented KJP from popping up in the Konami-developed Metal Gear Survive.

During Survive, players will view a list of names. When you read the first letter of each name, you’ll notice they spell “KJP FOREVER.” Is this a Metal Gear Survive Easter egg, hidden by supporters of Kojima that are still working at Konami? Or is it just a huge coincidence, with those names just randomly ending up in that order?

metal gear survive easter egg

It appears Michael Yurko was the first to make this (potential) Metal Gear Survive Easter egg known. He posted his findings to Twitter:

“KJP” may seem like an odd way to refer to “Kojima Productions,” but it’s the acronym the development team themselves use, and so it would make sense if ex-KJP developers created this secret.

If this is a Metal Gear Survive Easter egg, then kudos to the brave developers who added it. If it is just down to random order, then huh, cool coincidence!

Do you think this is an intentional nod to Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions? Or is the gaming community just hoping that it’s a rebellious act against Konami? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Via GameGrin