Celebrate Pokemon’s 22nd Birthday With Bulbasaur Snapchat Filter

February 27 is Pokemon Day. With it, comes a parade of Poke-goodness and – this year, at least – you’ll be able to look like everyone’s third-favourite Gen 1 starter (this isn’t up for debate, guys) Pokemon with a Bulbasaur Snapchat filter.

For a limited time only, your Snapchat app (provided you’ve download that terrible new update) will come with a filter that will turn your friends green with envy. Not only will it add a Bulbasaur at the bottom of your photos, you’ll also be given a crown of leaves and, if you open your mouth, you’ll be able to perform Razor Leaf. Serebii has given us the best look at what you’ll look like. Just no Psyduck-style pouting, please.

With a Bulbasaur Snapchat coming today, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see Squirtle and Charmander follow suit. After all, it seems a little out-of-place to only have the Grass-type starter strut his stuff when you’ve got two far more iconic Pokemon waiting in the wings to become the bane of selfie-haters everywhere.

For those not in the know, Pokemon Day celebrates the anniversary of Pokemon Red and Green’s release in Japan on February 27, 1996. Yes, you’re old.

If you’re in the New York area, Nintendo’s NYC store confirmed they’d be celebrating Pokemon Day from 4pm-6pm on their Twitter account. While the timing is a little odd – 2 hours in the late-afternoon is oddly specific – don’t go expecting a Pokemon Direct to announce Pokemon Colosseum 2 or something as equally ridiculous. Still, though, the event is bound to be awash with nostalgia, much like Pokemon’s official countdown.