Fortnite Jetpacks Will Let Players “Take the Fight to All New Heights”

Fortnite jetpacks are “coming soon,” according to an in-game notification. The pop-up appears as players boot up the game, showing new content coming during the third season.

The Fortnite jetpacks will “take the fight to all new heights.” What exactly that means for gameplay, I’m not too sure. Will it allow for unlimited, untethered flight around the map, or will it be more of a boosted jump? Either way, it’s sure to shake things up, and make for some interesting encounters.

You can see the Fortnite jetpacks notification below, as provided by xCosmit on Reddit.

fortnite jetpacks

We can assume from the Fortnite jetpacks’ yellow background that this will be a legendary drop. This should mean that coming across a jetpack user will be fairly rare.

The Fortnite jetpacks are another example of how Epic Games keeps players interested with a steady stream of new content. It seems there’s always something new to get excited about, whether that’s a new weapon, new skins, and now Fortnite jetpacks!

As for when the Fortnite jetpacks release date will be, we usually see new content teased a week before its release. I think it’s safe to estimate that this will be in-game by March 9. Stay tuned for more information on that, though!

How do you want Fortnite jetpacks to be implemented into the game? Should it act in the same way as a jump pad? Or should it be more unique? Let us know!