Nintendo Has No Plans for Switch 2.0, Will Focus on Peripherals

Nintendo has revealed it has no intention of following the route laid down by Microsoft and Sony by providing a Switch 2.0 upgrade. Instead, the Japanese giant aims to work on peripherals and add-ons for its current console. In a report by the Wall Street Journal, indications are that the company will be working on “peripherals to be attached to its USB Type-C port” as well as possible “network-related features.”


With Nintendo Switch Online on the horizon, it makes sense for Nintendo to work on putting all of its eggs into the network basket, especially as many of its predecessors have failed poorly when it comes to online gaming.

Peripherals being attached to the console via USB smacks of additional Nintendo Labo products being available in the near-future after release, or even simpler bits of kit such as headsets or keyboards. Nintendo often lag behind with such bits of hardware, so it’s little surprise to see the console manufacturer step up its game when it comes to rivalling the competition.

As for a Switch 2.0: Never say never. There clearly is some scope for improvement on the processing side (and Apple-style upgrades are very much in vogue until we wait for Microsoft or Sony to blink first when it comes to signalling a whole new console generation) so that’s certainly a possibility. The mere fact that the topic has been brought up at all should indicate that, at the very least, it’s been on the minds of Nintendo has they look to kick on from the Switch’s stellar opening 12 months. However, as of right now, focus remains firmly on hardware for their first (and only) Nintendo Switch.