Fortnite PS4 and Xbox One Crossplay: Epic and Microsoft Want it

Crossplay between PS4 and Xbox One players on Fortnite could happen – but only if Sony gives the thumbs up. Recently it was revealed that Fortnite crossplay would be happening with Xbox One and PC as well as, surprisingly enough, people who use mobile to play Fortnite. This news has led many to speculate whether Mom and Dad — err, we mean Sony and Microsoft — will finally unite together and allow PS4 and Xbox One players to play together.

A fan of Fortnite took to Twitter to ask the question many of us wanted an answer to; will crossplay between Xbox One and PS4 ever happen?

Xbox’s head boss, Phil Spencer, had this to say:

Fortnite‘s official Twitter also gave a very cheeky response of “Me 3!” So it seems obvious that both Epic and Microsoft want to make the jump of crossplay with the PS4, though it seems Sony is the one letting fans down at this moment in time – not for the first time either. Fans of Rocket League will no doubt be able to attest that it has always been an uphill battle trying to get Sony to agree on crossplay with Microsoft. And let’s be honest: from a technical standpoint, there really is nothing to stop the two joining together for crossplay.

While Sony seems to be standing strong, perhaps Fortnite’s popularity will sway them over in bringing crossplay to both PS4 and Xbox One players? It most certainly wouldn’t hurt to try crossplay out with Microsoft, but it all depends on whether Sony is able to put aside its differences with Microsoft and look to the future. Fortnite players desperately want it to happen: but will their desperate pleas be enough for Sony? Only time will tell.