Switch Parental Control Apps may Have Revealed System Firmware 5.0.0

Many Nintendo Switch owners have been speculating what the newest System Firmware 5.0.0 could bring to the console. Some are thinking particularly big, such as the inclusion of applications like Netflix or Amazon Prime, thanks to speculations and rumors. Others, however, have set their sights on updates that they truly do believe are possible: such as backup saves, folder organization and more customization options to make the Switch truly feel as though it belongs to you.

Well, you may be in for some excellent news depending on what you wanted from the Switch. Filip Miucin, IGN’s Nintendo Editor, found this:

Yes, you read correctly! The Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app directly mentions the 5.0.0 update, as well as mentioning that some of these features listed above will not be able to be used until players have upgraded to the newest system firmware. And while yes, there is no direct mention of when the update will happen, considering the huge line up of Switch games incoming and the fact that the Parental Controls app has been updated with these notes, there’s no reason to think the update won’t be happening sooner rather than later.

If we look at the notes, however, it doesn’t look as though third-party apps will be happening in this update, but that doesn’t mean it might not happen in the future. As for backup saves and folders, that also doesn’t look like it will be featured this update. Though we must remember that patch notes may not include everything at first and thus Nintendo may have left many other surprises for us to discover when the update happens.