Toy Con Garage Shows off the Nintendo Labo’s Creativity

Today Nintendo released a fun, quirky video about the Nintendo Labo’s newest creative feature: the Toy Con Garage. In the video that shows off this feature, Nintendo asks you to ‘invent new ways to play’ with the Labo, helping you design unique ways for you to be entertained by the Nintendo Labo software/cardboard. And thankfully it looks straightforward enough that even the least technologically advanced among us will have a blast trying to get to grips with it.

In the video, Nintendo indicated just how simple the Toy Con Garage actually is. “Press something and then something happens,” the instructional video explains, simplifying the process. The Labo uses nodes in order to achieve this, connecting the input (the press of a button) and output (a guitar sound being played) together.  Once you’ve realized how to do that, you can then move onto bigger and better things — like connecting your joy-cons with your DIY creations. These will allow you to do more particular things, such as controlling your RC car with your fishing rod or turning your motorbike into a musical instrument. Now that’s the kind of symphony we can get behind.

The video ends with tips and tricks that can help you get into the spirit of creating something that’s truly yours to show off to your friends and family. The video also details what you can do customization-wise with the different nodes, such as shaking your joy-con ten times to make an exploding sound.

It’s a neat little feature and is something to whet the appetite of fans out there who want to do more with their Nintendo Labo than just use it for video games.

Check out the video below to discover more about the Nintendo Labo Toy Con Garage: