Fortnite Mobile Already Number One iPhone App in 47 Countries

Fortnite mobile isn’t hanging around. According to new data, the first 24 hours of the app going live on Apple’s App Store on iPhone has seen it become the number one app in nearly 50 countries. Sensor Tower, which provides data to detect trends and growth in apps, has revealed that not only has the first day of Fortnite mobile seen it top the mobile games charts, it’s also the top app in 47 countries. Period.

The popularity of Fortnite mobile doesn’t stop there. It’s also reached the top 10 in another 11 countries. To put that into perspective, 58 countries are really into Fortnite mobile. By my (admittedly terrible) math, that’s nearly a third of the world catching Fortnite fever.

The insane reach of the battle royale game continues even further beyond that. 17 countries have the game ranked #11-100 in their overall app rankings, with a further 6 slowly but surely creeping up the iPhone app rankings within the top 500.

Those numbers are incredible – but not unparalleled. Super Mario Run was the most downloaded iOS app in 80 countries and was downloaded 5 million times within its first 24 hours. The data suggests that’s still the most successful mobile game launch of all time.

It remains to be seen where Fortnite mobile’s plateau lies, but it’s currently matching gaming’s biggest mascot step for step in terms of sheer numbers, all without the safety net of A) a large amount of hype and build-up and B) the power of Nintendo behind them. Epic Games are no slouches, let’s be clear, and, yet, they’re currently in uncharted territory. For now, though, they’re probably all doing IRL Makin’ It Rain emotes. And I don’t blame them.

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