New God of War Gameplay Footage Leaked Online

New God of War gameplay footage has leaked online, showing off some brand new (and ultra-violent) clips from the upcoming game. This new footage, which has been uploaded to Streamable, shows Kratos dealing out massive amounts of punishment to his enemies, offering a closer look at the combat in Santa Monica Studio’s highly-anticipated PS4 game.

God of War is set for release on April 20, though thus far Sony has refrained from showing off too much gameplay footage. For any other publisher, this would be a little concerning, though Sony’s excellent track record with first-party PS4 games inspired confidence that whatever direction Santa Monica Studio is headed in for this sequel, it’s probably going to be the right one.

Thankfully, these new gameplay videos suggest that this is the case, showing off some close-quarters combat from the game’s new over-the-shoulder perspective, making for some downright brutal action sequences. Towering boss battles are still present and correct, with Kratos having to fend off enemies considerably larger than himself, though the smaller enemies take the most of the damage. Seriously, these kills inject a dose of bone-crunching realism into proceedings that threaten to make this God of War the bloodiest yet.

The below videos certainly aren’t for the squeamish, though God of War fans will no doubt be happy that the series is staying true to its roots in certain departments, even if it’s shaping up to be a pretty big departure from many of its conventions. Hopefully, the full game will live up to the footage shown here.

Take a look at the new God of War gameplay footage below: