Kirby Star Allies Tops Sales Chart, Devil May Cry HD Collection Fails to Break Top Ten

Kirby Star Allies has managed to grab the top spot of the top twenty software sales chart after a few months of PS4 games’ superiority. This marks the first time since the release of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle at the beginning of 2018 that a Nintendo Switch game has climbed to number one.

According to the most recent Media Create Sales figures, Kirby Star Allies debuted to 222,031 units sold in its first week in Japan. Developed and published by Nintendo, the game also recently broke the record for being the fastest selling Kirby game in the franchise’s history in the UK, as well as grabbing second place in the UK sales chart in its debut week there. There have actually been over 19 Kirby games in the past, with three games being recently released in 2017 alone, including Team Kirby Crash Deluxe, Kirby’s Blowout Blast, and Kirby Battle Royale.

The newly-released Devil May Cry HD Collection for the PS4 only managed to debut at a thirteenth place in the top twenty software sales chart, with an underwhelming 6,280 units sold. Meanwhile, Monster Hunter World dropped even further to sixth place, with a still-impressive number of 166,614 units sold. That brings the total lifetime units to a whopping 1,970,886. Capcom recently announced a collaboration for both of these games, with Devil May Cry‘s protagonist Dante slated to make an appearance in Monster Hunter World along with a unique weapon.

Other new games making their debut in the top twenty software sales chart include Attack on Titan 2 on the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and the PS Vita. All three versions managed to debut at third, fourth and eighth place with 28,480, 22,941 and 15,621 units sold respectively. It just goes to show how the PS Vita is still surviving in Japan, even though it’s as good as dead in international markets.

On the hardware sales chart, the Nintendo Switch maintained its comfortable new status quo over the PS4 ever since the hybrid console toppled the PS4’s reign earlier in March. The Nintendo Switch grabbed the top spot with 54,342 units sold while the PS4 remains at second place with 14,349 units sold. The Xbox One family had the worst sales with only 74 and 80 units sold for the Xbox One X and Xbox One respectively.