Flip Wars Developers, Over Fence, Enter Bankruptcy

It’s always a sad time when a company enters bankruptcy, and unfortunately, Flip Wars developers Over Fence have entered just that. Flip Wars, also known as Battle Sports Mekuru in Japan, is an action, tile-matching party video game which released in May last year. It was not a very well received game, to say the least, many scoring it below 5/10, with criticism ranging from the game being dull and repetitive to it having nothing unique to offer for players and being “a general waste of money”. While Flip Wars‘ failure may not have helped with Over Fence entering bankruptcy, it isn’t far-fetched to say that it most certainly didn’t help.

Over Fence debuted back in 2012, formed up of the Japanese company Hudson Soft (well known for the Bomberman and Super Bomberman series) employees. The Flip War developers commenced bankruptcy proceedings on the 16th of March with a total debt of ¥2 million ($19,000). Considering the desire of fans for Flip Wars to get the multiplayer they deserve, especially since some fans felt that with Nintendo’s backing it could become a game to rival with Super Bomberman, it seems that those wishes will go unanswered for some time to come, if not forever.

While the bankruptcy is unfortunate for the developers themselves, it comes as no surprise considering the developer’s past losses. With the company facing bankruptcy, it’s clear that Over Fence’s fans won’t be hearing from the company anytime soon, at least not under the same name. We’re unsure of the future for the company, though considering its links to Konami anything is possible. Perhaps it would be wise to think that yes, Over Fence is gone for now, but maybe not for good.