Next Pokemon Go Update Will Add Quests and Feature Mew

Niantic Labs has announced that the next Pokemon Go update will be a significant one, bringing quests, research mechanics, and more to the game. There’s also going to be a heavy focus on the mythical Pokemon Mew, which veteran fans of the franchise will know as the first legendary that eluded players in Pokemon Blue and Red.

Pokemon Go Update: Research

The developers at Niantic Labs have been working to create a deep research system, which tasks players with completing certain tasks, that involve discovering and capturing specific Pokemon, engaging in battles, and other activities. There will also be the opportunity for “Special Research,” which will be requested by Professor Willow (the dude at the game’s start). These will “take [players] on a journey to make important discoveries!”

Rewards for completing research tasks include useful items and encounters with “certain Pokemon.” Niantic says there’s no cap on the amount of research players can do each day, so hardcore players can keep on researching for as long as they like. Tasks will increase in difficulty, with harder tasks giving a better reward.

Though not explicitly detailed, it’s likely that Mew will be encountered through earning Stamps, which are awarded to those who complete at least one Field Research task per day. Earn seven Stamps, and you’ll achieve a “Research Breakthrough,” which could result in a fight with a legendary Pokemon.

Next Pokemon Go Update

Pokemon Go has been making a comeback with its popular Community Days, and recent addition of third-generation Pokemon. The next Pokemon Go update will surely please current players, and may bring others back to the game. Research Tasks will allow for those who don’t like the group battling system, to have still have fun and capture legendaries. Throwing the legendary Mew into the mix is sure to get players excited, too, as the little pink Pokemon has a lot of mystery surrounding it, including its ability to learn any move (assuming Niantic sticks to the classic games).