New Gundam Breaker Release Date Leaked

Uh oh, Bandai Namco Europe has some explaining to do. In a tweet that was put out just a little too early, Bandai Namco’s European Twitter account let out a big secret: New Gundam Breaker’s release date. From the looks of the tweet, it didn’t seem as though it would have been kept secret for long, though it is no doubt a considerable blow to Bandai Namco in the same way Tomb Raider’s release date leak was seen as a blow to Square Enix. Check out the tweet from Alejando L’s Twitter and you’ll see the release date for the newest Gundam game yourself: June 22nd on PlayStation 4 and PC.

While the subject of leaks being ‘genuine’ is a grey, murky area, it does seem as though this was an actual mistake on Bandai Namco Europe’s part. Regardless, the news of a release date will make fans of New Gundam Breaker very happy to hear, especially as they don’t have long to wait.

What’s more is that the inclusion of the game on PC digital for the very first time is a feat that deserves celebration, allowing the game to have more fans access to it is, after all, never a bad thing. There was also a mention of a song called Snatchaway by a band called ‘Sky-Hi’, yet when looking for a video of the song we discovered that this is a new song altogether that seems to be made specifically for New Gundam Breaker.

While most Gundam fans know the basics behind the game, newcomers don’t have that same luxury. In New Gundam Breaker you’ll be able to strip away parts and then use them to form your very own creation, using them in a battle to fight against enemies. While the story hasn’t been fully disclosed by Bandai Namco, gameplay is promising and with this new release date, fans won’t have to wait long before discovering what New Gundam Breaker is all about.