PUBG Anniversary Weapon Skin Awarded to All Players

To celebrate the game’s first year of public access, a PUBG anniversary weapon skin is being awarded to all players who log in before May 1. It was on March 23, 2017 when PUBG was first made available through Steam Early Access. Since then, PC players have experienced various test builds, before enjoying a fully launched experience. PUBG also entered the Xbox Game Preview program and has recently hopped onto both iOS and Android mobile devices.

How to Unlock PUBG Anniversary Weapon Skin

Those who sign into PUBG before May 1 will get a unique PUBG anniversary weapon skin. It’s for the SCAR-L assault rifle, one of the fan-favorite guns. The “Year One” weapon skin is colored yellow and black, in a tiger stripe pattern.

With other PUBG limited edition items now selling for thousands of dollars on the Steam Market, some players will no doubt be wondering if the PUBG Year One skin will be worth a lot of money. Sadly, for those wanting to ditch the stylish SCAR-L skin for some easy cash, the Year One cosmetic “is neither tradable nor destructible.” You’re stuck with it, I’m afraid!

The PUBG anniversary weapon skins joins the other new weapon skins that have just been added to the game with PUBG PC Update 8. Once updated, the game will show a welcome screen upon booting, confirming that the SCAR-L Year One weapon skin has been added to the weapon skin collection.

PUBG Anniversary Weapon Skin

Weapons skins can be accessed through the Customization menu. It’s kept separate from the player customization, and players will need to click through to see the different acquired skins.

PUBG continues to implement different ways of taking players’ cash without affecting gameplay. Of course, weapon skins have been added to many games and are deemed acceptable for many gamers. While the ability to buy and sell through the Steam Market does raise some eyebrows, the game is at least (for now) a balanced and fair experience, regardless of how much money players invest.