New God of War Doesn’t Require You to Play the Previous Games

Haven’t played any of the God of War franchise? Oh dear. There’s nothing that’ll make a gamer sweat more than the thought of a new game coming out and the realization that, in order to catch up, they’re going to have to play all of the previous games. It’s a terrible feeling that often feels a lot like a belly ache.

Thankfully Aaron Kaufman, SIE Santa Monica Studio’s Senior Communication Strategist, mentioned during a media event a few weeks ago that players would be able to jump straight into the new God of War without playing any of the previous games. Did we just hear a sigh of relief? We’re pretty sure we just heard a sigh of relief…

Kaufman further went on to explain that the decision not to go into a lot of depth about Kratos was a hard decision for the team to make. “It was really important to us that we didn’t explain Kratos’ past or where he was since Greece because we want people to focus from the first frame on this journey going forward.” Considering that this is the first God of War game to come out since 2010, we can understand why the Santa Monica Studio team wants players to focus on the present rather than the past.

And this certainly is a reboot. Fans have been told again and again that this is a different side of Kratos than they’ve seen previously, and while it may not be a complete reboot, the team behind the newest God of War do hope that the upcoming game will push the franchise forward and make it more popular than ever. “If you’ve never played a God of War game, this is a game that was made for today’s action-adventure genre,” Kaufman stated. “we hope it continues to push it forward.”

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