God of War Soundtrack Now Available on Spotify, Listen Now

Sony has announced that the full God of War soundtrack is now available for everyone on Spotify and PlayStation Music. With less than one week left before the highly-anticipated game releases on April 20th, take a listen to the entire soundtrack composed by Bear McCreary, who also worked on the soundtrack for the acclaimed Battlestar Galactica television series.

God of War Soundtrack Cover Image

McCreary himself broke the news via PlayStation Blog, as well as explaining how he came to compose the soundtrack for God of War. He realized from the beginning of development that he needed to invent something new for the game, so he took the “memories of that classic God of War soundtrack” and reinvented them with a Norse theme by introducing “exotic instrumentation and languages from various Northern European folk traditions” into the music.

McCreary also revealed which song in the God of War soundtrack that meant the most to him personally, and that’s the one titled “Memories of Mother.” It was actually the first piece of music written for the game and the theme was actually meant for Kratos himself, instead of referring to anyone’s mother.

However, McCreary and the God of War creative team realized that the theme was too sad and lyrical to represent Kratos so he created a brand new theme for Kratos. The new Kratos theme was then first unveiled at E3 2016 with a live orchestra before the game was officially announced during the event that year. The “Memories of Mother” theme was then used to represent Atreus’ mother and “woven into dozens of scenes.”

In other related news, SIE Santa Monica’s Senior Communication Strategist Aaron Kaufman recently said that the new God of War would allow players to jump into it without playing any of the previous games. That would be a relief for newcomers to the franchise. In our review for God of War, we awarded it a perfect score.