SEGA Pulls Leaked Sonic Mania Update From PSN

Sonic Mania received a huge update on the PlayStation 4 yesterday, which is great news, right? Only Sega pulled the update almost immediately from PSN, because that’s what any developer would do if they found out that their update had been accidentally leaked, isn’t it? Though that didn’t stop some sly fans from pulling information from the update, and boy was there some great Sonic Mania changes discovered.

One of the changes that were discovered by fans was that the game now has brand new cinematics that helps transition from level to level, a small change but one that really makes the game flow that much better. A boss fight between the player and Metal Sonic has also been altered. There are other changes that were made during the patch, however, we must warn you that some of these changes may contain spoilers for those who haven’t completed the game. Read at your own risk.

The changes, according to the Sonic the Hedgehog subreddit, are as follows:

  • All zones that lacked transitions now have them.
  • You can now skip all cutscenes. Though, oddly enough, skipping cutscenes between acts makes you lose your shield.
  • Menus have got a total overhaul.
  • You can now change the options on Save Files. Meaning you can use Insta-Shield, Super Peel out and Knuckles mode in a save file.
  • The time limit can be disabled through this option.
  • Multiplayer added a non-stretched mode.
  • There are new DLC options in the menu.
  • New graphics & sound effects were added.
  • Hydrocity Zone Act 2’s transition to the second phase of its boss got touched upon. There’s a tube graphic and you get pushed out of the water now.
  • Super Sonic got new animations, including an idle animation.
  • The ice blocks in Press Garden Act 2 got a graphical change.
  • Metal Sonic boss fight got changed in multiple ways.
  • Phase 2 was tampered to be reduced to 3 hits and for Silver Sonic to shoot bullets out to hit Metal when killed.
  • The run afterward is shortened in order to reduce time.
  • Metal Sonic boss third phase got totally redone with a fight with Metal Sonic Kai from Knuckles Chaotix but only its  Blue Metal Sonic Kai.
  • The unused animations of characters looking back & forth in ice blocks got added.
  • Tails Chemical Plant Act 1 intro cutscene got added.

While these changes are new and exciting, we should remind readers that these changes could still have a lot more work to do on them before they are released. There is also the possibility that these changes may be scrapped completely, so until the newest patch is officially released it would be wise not to get too attached to the changes listed above.