Overwatch PTR Features Hanzo’s New Ability

An Overwatch patch is here, hooray! It was revealed recently that Overwatch would be getting the map from Retribution, Rialto, on the PTR this week. Though it isn’t the only thing being added by the Overwatch developers, as some characters tweaks were discovered by players. Namely the Overwatch community’s favorite Shimada brother, Hanzo.

Hanzo has been a topic that has led to many fans to turn on one another, some claiming that Hanzo needed a complete overhaul whilst others (Hanzo mains, let’s be honest with one another) felt that the archer was fine and others just had to ‘get good’. Regardless of whether you believe Hanzo needed a new ability or not, Blizzard gave the archer a complete overhaul.

Not only did Hanzo get his Scatter Arrow ability removed, but he got two new abilities to make up for it. The first ability is called Storm Arrows, allowing him to shoot six arrows at once at a rapid speed. The damage to the arrows are reduced with this ability, however, each arrow is shot with full power behind them. The second ability is Lunge, allowing Hanzo to make horizontal dashes after he has jumped.

His remaining abilities, Storm Bow and Sonic Arrow, also received a few adjustments too. The Storm Bow will now fire projectiles at an increased speed, and Sonic Arrow’s cooldown time was reduced to 12 seconds, along with the radius and duration. The radius is now at 7 meters and will only last for 6 seconds.

The update will no doubt come as a welcome surprise to some fans, particularly those who weren’t too happy with the accidental buff Hanzo received a few days ago. If you’re curious to know more then the full PTR patch notes, including changes to the other characters and other general fixes can be found here.