Rumor: Paladins May be Coming to Nintendo Switch

Those pesky data-miners are at it again. This time they may have revealed a rather fantastic update: Paladins may (finally) be coming to the Nintendo Switch. Of course, it has been debated before and even confirmed by Hi-Rez Studios that their presence would become known on the Switch. However considering Hi-Rez Studios have other games like SMITE under their belt, we admit that Paladins was not the first thing we thought of when it came to deciding which game would best suit the Switch.

Regardless of what we feel, thanks to some good old data mining from Redditor Bakugo, it has been revealed that there are files that refer to Paladins being linked to Nintendo accounts. Discussing whether Joycon Paladins are now a thing, Bakugo had this to say. “You can actually see this yourself in the new TgClient_Oasis files (they’re calling the Nintendo version ‘Oasis’ for some reason, probably so people wouldn’t notice ahead of time).”

That’s clever of Nintendo, if true. Bakugo also added, “the English file refers to an ‘Oasis account,'” but most other languages say “Nintendo account.” What further adds evidence to Bakugo’s statement is the fact that a Polish website of Paladins, PaladinsPoland, also managed to data-mine a skin for the hero Androxus. What makes this significant is that the Androxus skin is a Nintendo Online skin, similar to the skins that are available on Xbox and PS4.

Whether this information is correct or not, it isn’t the first time a leak of Paladins on Nintendo Switch has happened. What does make us curious is how Paladins would work on the Switch in the first place. Would it be free to play, like its console counterparts? Or would it just be a standard payment, and if that’s the case, why wouldn’t players just play it solely on other consoles or their PC? These questions, like all, will no doubt be answered in time.