Capcom X SEGA Humble Bundle Announced

SEGA and Capcom have teamed up for the Capcom x SEGA Humble Bundle special. If you’re ready to support some amazing charities, as well as buy some fantastic video games, then don’t go anywhere and keep reading on to discover what games you can buy.

The games included in the bundle range from survival horror, arcade action, a tactical RPG and even a high-speed platformer. What’s not to love about this variety, especially when there’s certain to be something for everyone? The bundle will run from now through to the 8th of May at 11AM Pacific Time, so head on over to the Humble Bundle page now and see what you can grab. Unfortunately, the offer seems to only be for those PSN players who are in the North America region.

Remember, this also goes to charity so all we can ask of you is to be kind and fair with your donations. The following charities involved are: Save the Children, American Red Cross and, however, you can also add your own charity to support if you wish. So not only are you supporting the charity you want, but you’re also getting great games in the process. It’s a win-win situation, right? Now, onto the games that you can buy.

Pay What You Want

  • Dead Rising (PS4)
  • Crazy Taxi (PS3)
  • Dustforce (PS Vita)
  • Super Monkey Ball: Banana Splitz (PS Vita)

Pay More Than Average

  • Mega Man Legacy Collection (PS4)
  • Sonic Generations (PS3)
  • Resident Evil (PS4)
  • Resident Evil Code: Veronica X (PS4)
  • Binary Domain (PS3)
  • Alien Isolation (PS4)
  • Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition (PS4 Coupon) – 40% Off
  • Dead Rising 4 Frank’s Big Package (PS4 Coupon) – 50% Off
  • Valkyria Revolution (PS4 Coupon) – 40% Off
  • Yakuza 0 (PS4 Coupon) – 50% Off

Pay $15 Or More

  • Dead Rising 2 (PS4)
  • Valkyria Chronicles Remastered (PS4)

The Humble Bundle website originated back in 2010, and ever since then it has been going strong and is well-loved by those who use it. The money made through the ‘pay-what-you-want’ website is split, part of it going to charity while the rest goes to the game’s developers.