Report: DICE Employee Claims New Battlefield Game is Bad Company 3

A supposed DICE employee has tweeted, and since deleted, that the next Battlefield game is Bad Company 3. Abbas Al-Rubaie has since made his profile private after the tweet gained traction. However, a cached version of his twitter account can be viewed here. There are a lot of tweets about Battlefield on that page, although that does not confirm that he is right or telling the truth. He is followed by the official Battlefield twitter, however, and had “DICE” as his bio before deleting it.

YouTuber AlmightyDaq has also echoed Abbas’ claims in some of his videos. Back in 2016, AlmightyDaq made a video claiming that 2016’s Battlefield would take place in World War I and be called Battlefield 1 or Battlefield 1918. Turns out, he was right, showing an accurate track record concerning Battlefield news.

Daq also claims that Bad Company 3 will be set in Vietnam and will have some Cold War moments. Abbas, obviously, did not go into detail since he tweeted and deleted his tweet rather quickly. Daq has since backtracked a bit by telling Eurogamer:  “There are two games. I’m aware that DICE Sweden is WW2. That’s what my next video is about. The one I leaked is DICE LA. Bad Company 3 would not be 2018, after all.”

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This tweet goes against rumors that suggested that next Battlefield would take place in World War II. Even AlmightyDaq walked a bit of it back in this video.

The tweet, in the context of how quickly it was deleted and how the surrounding profile changed, muddies the waters and doesn’t confirm anything. However, it does add context and is an interesting look at what could happen.

There are multiple possibilities. It could be set in World War II like what some rumors suggest. Or it could be Bad Company 3. There could even two separate games, making both rumors right, or Bad Company 3 could be set in World War II. Either way, EA has not confirmed anything so expect to hear more at E3 next month.