Nintendo Is Hiring for the Next The Legend of Zelda Game

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was one of 2017’s biggest games not only for the Nintendo Switch but also for the games industry as a whole. It’s been a year since that game launched and now Nintendo is probably planning for the development of the next title in the Zelda franchise. We know this because the company recently posted a job listing searching for new hires to work on the “The Legend of Zelda series.”

The job listing was discovered on Nintendo Japan’s official site. It states that the company is looking for a level designer to work on a Zelda title. The job listing is originally in Japanese, so it is presumably catered towards the locals or those who are at least fluent in the language.

Nintendo Zelda Job Listing: What are the requirements?

According to the job listing, level designers will be responsible for planning game events, fields and dungeons. They will also plan the creation and preparations of enemies in the game. Nintendo is looking for someone “who has experience in producing consumer games as a game planner” and “confident in communication skills in Japanese when collaborating.”

Nintendo Zelda Job Listing: How do I apply?

Those who are interested in the job will have to apply and send their documents. If they are selected, they will then have to go through a “practical exam” of some sort and a few interviews. Keep in mind that this job is not considered a permanent position within Nintendo, as it is only offering a contract-based employment. Salaries range from roughly $34,766 to $74,107 when converted.

There have been many instances of job listings from various game developers and publishers in past revealing certain details of future games. We reported earlier in March that Square Enix revealed certain details regarding currently-in-development Final Fantasy VII Remake when the company posted several job listings for important positions to fill. That’s how we know that the game’s release date would presumably be a long way off if it’s still looking for “active core members.”