PUBG Mobile PC Emulator Officially Released by Tencent

PUBG remains one of the most popular games in the world. The Android and iOS versions of the battle royale game only recently became available in March 2018. Its player base has grown so much that it is currently the most downloaded mobile game in the world. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that developer Tencent, who also developed the mobile versions of PUBG, has officially released a PC emulator of the game.

PUBG Mobile is already available for PC users to download starting from today onwards. Tencent has made it so the game is playable using a keyboard and mouse. However, the emulator is currently still in its beta build. That means there are a few limitations and bugs to fix before it fully reaches its potential.

PUBG Mobile PC Emulator: What are the problems?

For now, players who play PUBG Mobile via the emulator will be limited to other fellow emulator users during matchmaking. Players are still not allowed to match with players on other platforms. Tencent will probably add the ability to do so when the emulator leaves beta in the future.

Players have made complaints about several problems on the emulator’s official forum. The current build of PUBG Mobile on the emulator can only support up to 30 FPS, which Tencent promises to increase in future updates. Some have also reported about white screens and textures, as well as an install bug that requires players to disable their anti-virus software in order to fix.

In other related news, Sensor Tower’s most recent Store Intelligence Data Digest revealed that PUBG Mobile has managed to accrue 60 million installs on Android and iOS devices worldwide in the first quarter of 2018 alone. That makes it the most downloaded game but unfortunately not the most profitable. That honor goes to another mobile game developed by Tencent, Honor of Kings. Both of these made the company most profitable mobile publisher by revenue.