Steam Summer Sale 2018 Starting Date Has Been Leaked

It’s that time of the year again. No, it’s not just summer again. Every PC gamer in the world looks forward to summer and winter as they prepare their wallets and bank accounts for the next Steam Sale. The starting date for the Steam Summer Sale 2018 has been leaked ahead of schedule and it’s only one month away.

The fact that the starting date has been leaked is not surprising, considering Valve never actually announces the dates for its different seasonal sales every year. Somehow, they are always leaked by someone, which Valve will then confirm by officially announcing the starting and end dates of those sales.

Steam Summer Sale 2018: When is it?

This time, it’s Steam Database, a third-party site which aims to provide “better insight into the applications and packages that Steam has in its database.” It broke the news via Twitter with a post which simply states, “Steam Summer Sale starts on June 21st.”

Steam Summer Sale: How long will it last?

The site didn’t reveal the end date for this year’s Steam Summer Sale 2018. However, last year’s sale began on June 22nd and ended on July 5th, 2017. Seeing as Steam Summer Sale 2017 lasted almost two weeks, it’s highly likely that this year’s sale will last around the same time frame, with a possible end date of July 4th, 2018.

According to VG247, game developers are often given the heads up on when each sale will begin. This is to avoid discounts to overlap if the developers are planning to introduce their own. As such, it’s safe to assume to that leaked starting date for the Steam Summer Sale 2018 to be true, or at least close to the actual date.

In other related news, Valve recently clarified that Steam Machines and Steam OS aren’t dead yet, despite the apparent removal of the links to Steam Machines from the front navigation page of the Steam Store. The games giant is still working hard to make “Linux operating systems a great place for gaming and applications.”